Deering Center Central Park Project

DCNA has a committee that began work on this project this winter and spring. Below is their initial overview and preliminary statement:

Deering Center has many green and open spaces from Evergreen Cemetery’s 100 acres of woods to the playground in front of Longfellow School. As a neighborhood association we put community at the center of all we do. The green spaces in the center of our neighborhood bounded by Stevens Avenue, Ludlow Street and the back sides of Fuller and Mabel Street form a continuous central park area serving multiple community needs. DCNA is beginning a process to try and engage our community in envisioning this space as a central park and planning for improvements to ensure it can meet all the needs and dreams of our community. Below is a temporary statement of our vision. We’d like to have more community members join us as we move forward pulling together the community and working with the City to envision our “central park” land and to help realize that vision through an achievable plan with funded near and long term improvements.

Preliminary DCNA Committee Vision: The “Ludlow Greenspace” is a destination for school children, locals, and visitors - to play, walk, exercise, skate, enjoy nature, watch sports games, explore, relax, bike and run - with an emphasis on community. Landscape plantings, chosen for beauty, wildlife value, safety, diversity and hardiness, unite the space from school-yard to athletic fields to Baxter Pines Bird Sanctuary to Ludlow Skating Pond. Landscaped trails for walking, biking, and jogging connect points of interest, and traffic-calming structures along Ludlow and Stevens provide safe crossings, runoff control, and distinct parking areas that shelter designated bike lanes. Water flowing off athletic fields is captured and slowed in community rain gardens and other storm water control green infrastructure, eliminating flooding on Ludlow while providing habitat and beauty. Park benches around Ludlow Pond and Baxter Pines provide seating and space for contemplation, community gatherings and wildlife viewing. Seating for Little League fields are improved and landscaped