DCNA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, contributions are tax deductible, our EIN # is 270305019.

The DCNA’s mission is to help maintain an excellent quality of life in the Deering community. We are citizens committed to protecting and improving the beauty and safety of our neighborhood, the excellence of our schools, supporting our local businesses, and preserving our unique village atmosphere.

Joining with neighbors, local businesses and community leaders, we’ll work to preserve the historical integrity of our neighborhood and the beauty of our streets, create a sense of shared community and responsibility where connected neighbors care for each other, and to keep Deering a safe, friendly and unique walking neighborhood.

At-Large Board Members: Colin Apse, Zachary Enright, Alison Kenway, Elizabeth Manning, Amy Bell Segal, Amy Thompson, Karen Wilson

Executive Board: Secretary Terri Petnov, Treasurer Scott Segal, Vice President Naomi Mermin, President John Thibodeau