Outdoor Treasures


Between Forest Ave and Stevens Ave, historic site of Francis O. J. Smith’s Estate, “Forest Home”. Trails, fresh air, infinite shades of greens & browns. Provides respite in our bustling little city.


On Stevens Ave, the 239 acre green space is the largest in the city. Dates back to 1855—beautiful history, trails, and wildlife.


At the end of Brentwood, nestled up against Evergreen Cemetery. A magical place…


In the back of Evergreen Cemetery, this portion of the City-wide trail provides mixed terrain hiking and biking.


Off Leland St, the former WWI Victory Garden turned pine forest and bird sanctuary bridges DC homes to the ball fields.


On Ludlow St, just west of Presumpscot Park Fields, beloved skating rink in the winter, and wildlife sanctuary the rest of the year.


Presumpscot Park Fields

In back of Deering High, they go further than the eye can see. Baseball, softball, tennis, stadium w/ track, vast open green space for any activity.